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UV Technology in the palm of your hand

The Anthem One Cube

protecting us from harmful germs & viruses

Consider a new way to project yourself, your love ones, and those around you from infectious diseases. Think about a new method for keeping us safe and allowing us to be around one another without having to worry about getting sick.

What if students could go to school this fall and not have to worry about wearing masks on the bus or in the classroom. Emagine if companies could offer a safe work space for their employees. How about eliminating the fear of "catching something" when visiting a medical or wellness center. Well the solution to these concerns is UV-C technology. The the fastest, most powerful handheld unit on the market to provide us with this technology is "The Anthem One Cube".

The proof is in the studies

Temple University’s Katz School of Medicine test of Anthem One concluded that a fifteen second exposure at

16 inches is sufficient to deactivate virus to greater than 3-LOG (99.9%)

George Mason University peer reviewed and received the same results. George Mason also tested the device

on human lung tissue and after 30 minutes of exposure, lung tissue cultures had no cytotoxicity.

The performance achieved by these two series of tests is remarkable. These results validate Anthem One UV-C capacity to disinfect and inactivate all types of micro-organisms using UV-C technology, including SARS, and place Anthem One in the top tier of the world's companies that have obtained such performance for a surface-disinfecting system.

What a wonderful world it would be with the help of UV-C

Learn how you can start using this technology today

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